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Who is Brett Kavanaugh? by Joe "Clowbear" Neumann

Who is Brett Kavanaugh?

By: Joseph “Clownbear” Neumann

Well readers, I apologize. I am trying to keep up with the entire ordeal of Brett Kavanaugh,  and it is nothing short of a full time job. The story constantly changes almost by the hour so for myself I had to sit back and watch just to figure out what to write and what to say. We are witnessing a political circus that our generation and newer has yet to see until now.

Now who is Brett Kavanaugh? Most of you heard of him when President Trump nominated 10 July 18. Some of you read President Trump’s potential Supreme Court Picks. But beyond that much of you have never heard of him unless you read case laws as part of your hobby or recall that Kavanaugh was part of the Bush 43 Administration in an obscure way. I, for one did not read Trump’s potential nominations, nor remember much the Bush admin because I was just a snot nose kid at that time. Yes, I had no idea about him until Trump nominated Kavanaugh.

Remarkably the left was already on offense about the nomination pick. They “knew” every single detail without doubt. It wasn’t just the MSM that knew everything, but the random lefty knew everything as well and, always seemed to be reading a rehearsed script so much that if Trump picked anyone else the left would say the same thing. Of course why wouldn’t the left use such tactics?

The left has tried every tactic to stall and delay Kavanaugh vote. And now we are at the point that the left is trying to ruin a man’s life because they literally have nothing. They have individuals claiming sexual assault nearly 40 years ago yet you see zero police reports major plot holes and simply “I don’t remember”. Claiming any of the accusers credible is laughable at best. We were in the final hours to have a vote for Kavanaugh to be a Supreme Court Justice and in the 11th hour this happens.

I hate believing in conspiracy theories but it is hard not to when you follow every delay tactic used in this entire proceeding. Ask yourself, how can a complete nobody that no one paid attention to have everything brought to light at the last minute? The odds of this are astronomical to say the least. I hope Brett Kavanaugh is nominated to be out next justice because we will get someone who is pro constitution back in a position of power.

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