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We are all Alex Jones

We are all Alex Jones

Joe “Clownbear” Neumann

Do you remember the times when you were a student and your English Teacher told you to write an essay on anything you want? You sat at your desk, your stared at your paper and came up with nothing. No matter how much you tried nothing. You came up with a couple brain dead ideas, threw a fit, crumpled up your paper and threw it away and felt better afterwards. This is the equivalent of the modern day left. They cannot beat you with ideas or free thought. Anytime they can they change the rules to try to beat you at the game they created. The left, specifically Main Stream Media and Social Media, cannot come up with new ideas fast enough because they have nothing to run on. They are the student at the desk crumpling up any idea in front of them and we conservatives, are the paper. And any time we are beating the left we are being thrown away, never to be heard from again. This is what happened with Alex Jones, Gavin McGinnes, Prager U and even us at Major League Liberty. We have all been silenced in some sort of way.

As you all know Alex Jones was booted from multiple media platforms because of “hateful” remarks that “went against community standards”. Of course if you personally went out on the interweb and remotely questioned left leaning individuals as too why this individual and subsequently his company was banned, every response you will receive (your results may vary) will be 'It was hateful speech. He was trying to incite violence.' Neither statement proved what he said nor the specific entry that was admitted that got Alex Jones and InfoWars banned. If they did bring something up it was typically He is a Sandy Hook denier. Yes Jones in lamest terms is a denier of Sandy Hook and if you open your spectrum of the events many things do not add up but discussing that is not this article’s point. But even if you use this example not one time did Jones ever say 'Deny Sandy Hook and fight on the streets to prove your point.' Alex Jones and Info Wars is just the tip of the iceberg.

When it comes to Gavin McInnes is very odd indeed. McInnes was recently banned from twitter. Actually banned is not even the correct word. Twitter told McInnes that he was suspended from Twitter with zero chance of returning. As McInnis explained on CRTV he was a “bad kid” growing up and was suspended numerous times but always was able to come back. And if this wasn’t enough to add insult to injury, Twitter’s excuse for permanent removal was blank. Seriously Twitter gave McInnes zero excuse for the removal. Yet the left will defend this by saying he is has called for violence yet once again, showing zero proof. Yes McInnes started the Proud Boys. Yes they have been in violent acts. But they have all been against Antifa (always being labeled counter protestors) whom get to still roam freely on social media and spread messages of hate and violence on any and all platforms.

More recently Breitbart News reported that Prager U, an information location was being throttled by its content because of the facts they present to their audience. Because they are not anti Israel or anti gun, Prager U continues to be attacked by whatever platform they are on because the left cannot combat fact. That reigns true with us here at Major League Liberty. We have been throttle beyond belief, we have had our Founders Liberty Lou and Liberty Logan sent to “Facebook Jail” (most recently Liberty Logan for zero reason). We have had posts deleted and of course the biggest, lack of notifications to our audience.

Yes we at MLL understand that these are indeed private companies and I myself have always said "their business their rules." But that is not going to stop me from pointing out the hypocrisy of these companies: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. These companies are showing a true bias against conservatives. Let’s all assume that it’s true that all of us were inciting violence or committing “hate speech”.

  • Why is Antifa still up able to promote violence?
  • Why is Westboro Baptist church still active on Facebook?
  • Why are the Young Turks able to spread their fake news yet have a lot of promotion and advertising and have Cenk Uygur spread his denial of Armenian genocide?
  • Why should Sarah Jeong be allowed to promote a racist tweet but when a conservative like Candance Ownes takes the same tweet and change the context slightly to prove a point has it deleted promptly?
  • Why are the Black Panthers and the BLM allowed to show their videos of attacking white people simply because they are white?

In the end we are all Alex Jones. We might be different from one another. We all have crazy views and opinions but we are being silenced because the left cannot defend their opinions. Maybe if these companies actually up held their standards on both sides we might not have an issue. But no, the standard is left bias and the only way the left thinks they can win is not show both sides. This is their tactic in everything because it is hard to sell something that no one wants.

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