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I Will Not Mourn John McCain

I Will Not Mourn John McCain

by Joe “Clownbear” Neumann

As soon as it was heard that Senator John McCain lost his life to brain cancer, every single liberal media outlet was praising an individual on how outstanding he was. Face the Nation, a show on CBS, was bragging about how much McCain was on the program. Vox and other liberal propaganda streams acted in tears that he passed away. It is simply amazing how much the left has glorified this individual yet about a decade before they were making him a villain because he was competing with Barack Hussein Obama for the Presidency. Of course they would forget this, because in the end he was a globalist puppet.

I have never liked John McCain. Even when I personally voted for him back in 2008 I felt wrong voting for him. Especially after he told every Republican when he accepted the nomination that we were the issue (Republicans and like mind individuals) that we had to change. Looking back on it now I shouldn’t had wasted my vote. He sold out the Party and allowed the Democrats to win. Then again are you really surprised that McCain sold out? He made an entire war career out of selling out for his own personal gain.

Of course if you tell a democrat that McCain is a traitor to God and country they will do one of two things:

  • Link you a Snopes article telling you that is false
  • Complain that Donald J Trump being a draft dodger yet forget many prominent and well known politicians of today opted out of the draft like Joe Biden and Bill Clinton

I just don’t understand, what is with all the love and admiration for McCain? Perhaps it is simply the 'in' thing to do. More than likely it is because the left knows it lost their biggest and most prominent ally. The left is now in scramble mode looking for anybody to take his place. With Sen. Jeff Flake, the apprentice of the McCain, retiring as well it is not looking good for Democrats.

If McCain was as honorable as the left has now been trying to portray him, he shouldn’t have sang like a canary during Vietnam. He shouldn’t have sold out the Republican Party during his run in 2008. Most importantly he should’ve retired at his post when he found out about his terminal illness instead of being spiteful. I will not miss him at all. He disgraced everything he stood for and sold out to individuals (Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer to name a few) who try to limit your rights on a consistent basis.

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