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Don't Get Anxious, Get Used to It, Snowflake!

Don’t Get Anxious, Get Used to It Snowflake!

By Matt Mammoser

As I researched sources for this article through American Psychological Association resources there were a lot of things that came to mind since the years I spent earning my B.S. in Psychology (you read that right). The misguided agenda that emphasized reactions to physical states over the underlying psychology in some transgender individuals today, the neurophysiological imbalances that can cause the symptoms of true clinical depression and how they correlate to those emphasized emotional states. I wanted to explain that a lot of what is perceived and explained through the popular narrative about conservatives is the complete opposite of the truth, like usual. It was difficult to find anything I really wanted to try and write an entire article on, and whether psychology would even make for a good one here. And, as if God himself threw an arrow of ‘social justice’ into some ‘warriors’ chest with a message of further victimization, Trump anxiety disorder hits the news. Needless to say I looked into it, and, needless to say, leftists never cease to make me slap myself in the forehead and laugh hysterically, but let me explain what I was looking at so I can get to the more recent, and fun news in the psychological realm of todays snowflake.

I personally have a lot of issues with the mental health profession, not just from my education and very short period of dabbling in the field, but I was also on the couch rather than in the chair. Also because I think those who should know better are reinforcing a narrative and perpetuating cruelty in the name of a false sense of compassion and political correctness. I’ve long known that the transgender community consists of more than those who are truly gender dysphoric. The aspects of delusion and depression involved with a true dysphoric disorder do not get addressed when they’re just passed on to a surgeon. There is reason to believe transgender people have a suicide rate that is, by some estimates, ten times that of the general population because of a severe comorbidity with suicidal thoughts and tendencies. And don’t bring up the bullshit excuse that its stigmatization and bullying when that statistic is not observed in any other heavily persecuted population. Even the World Professional Organization for Transgender Health defines it as a mental disorder and treating it with sexual reassignment surgery is like treating suicidal thoughts with a bottle of tequila and razor blades.

Sounds like a good treatment to me, but I don’t have severe clinical depression or anything. And just like many mental disorders, many times there is a legitimate imbalance of the neurotransmitters in the synapses of the brain. Depression is linked to serotonin and there are legitimate treatments, some of them are medicinal. Psychosis disorders are the ones that have created the social idea of psychology as a whole. Schizophrenia, dissociative (split) personality and other psychotic disorders are the ones we hear about in horror and suspense flicks, probably why the name is so well known. The main point is that they too are caused by physiological issues. There are actual differences in the functioning of the brain in some way, either the physical or chemical processes. As far as I know, nothing like that has been found regarding anxiety except maybe the correlation between anxiety and depression in M.S. patients. Maybe one day researchers will find more physical differences causing anxiety, but depression has been linked to neurotransmitters and anti-depressants have been found to have no significant effect compared to placebos, suggesting that our thoughts and how we perceive the immediate situation play a larger role in how we deal with emotional issues, so there is also that.

Anyway, anxiety is defined by the American Psychological Association as an emotion characterized by feelings of tension, worried thoughts and physical changes like increased blood pressure. Sounds like something I like to call… life. Now, let’s go over their description of characteristics. Some definitions include a perception of being a victim, but the APA states that people with anxiety disorders usually have recurring intrusive thoughts or concerns, may avoid certain situations out of worry, and may also have physical symptoms resembling those of severe stress. Really, can actual facts be considered recurring intrusive thoughts, or intrusive at all? Sounds like it’s more about avoiding acceptance of said facts. Besides, anything that you wish not to perceive can be explained away as an intrusive thought and your own perception of the outcomes can be its concern. No need to face reality here, pal. I digress; avoiding situations out of worry would be natural depending on the situation and the possible worries. The physical symptoms are different for everybody in any given situation.

A victim is defined by Webster’s as a person who has been attacked, injured, robbed, killed, cheated, or fooled by someone else, or harmed by an unpleasant event. Harmed by an unpleasant event! Again with the subjectivity and vagueness of ‘harmed’ and ‘unpleasant event’ as if it is specific enough not to allow for anything the pansy says is harmful and unpleasant. Sorry not finding any credibility here.--

 Ok, let’s get into the recommendations for those with anxiety. Most positive results for treatments come from a combination of both medications and some form of therapy such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). This is where a therapist attempts to identify the aspect causing anxiety and coach the patient into a thought process more conducive to their desires and less stressful for them. Like, “Trump is not my president,” as if it will change the fact that he is. Behaviorally, they would be coached to involve themselves in situations that would make them anxious and use the thought coaching to overcome the anxiety. There are some other treatments, but this is the most common and this is a very crude description. Now, it sounds like the psychotherapist is a coach and much of what they do can be done by the individual alone if they had the knowledge.

Anyway… Trump Anxiety Disorder is becoming a legitimate diagnosis? Trump being president causes you to consider our country leading the world into hell? You think Trump’s politically incorrect policies are intrusive on your life? Do you avoid listening to the president of the greatest country on Earth because you’re worried about hearing him say mean things? Well, Get over it. Critical thinking and logical reasoning will alleviate any intrusive thoughts because you will be able to acknowledge the thought and those forthcoming. Learn about the real Nazi’s as to refrain from thinking it has anything to do with conservatism. Use the CBT and make sure when you get anxious you think about the 4% GDP. Think about the lowest unemployment rates in recent history. When you think about how racist Trump is, think about the black and Hispanic unemployment rates being at all-time lows and the multiple awards he won for minority employment in his own businesses. If these aspects of American prosperity are causing your anxiety, then I think your residential and citizenship situation might be at the base of the issue.

Honestly, just stop whaling in the streets as if it makes you look credible and respectable. Stop trying to suppress free speech rallies then claim those holding the rallies are the fascists. And quit with the actual disorder talk, all I’m hearing is that you sensationally think the restoration of personal liberty is an obstruction to your self-centered desires. The overwhelming prosperity of middle class America is causing concern that you’re going to lose your meal ticket bought and paid for by John Q. Taxpayer. The denuclearization of a communist North Korea is somehow causing you to consider World War III and the end of the world. Does his brutally honest, unapologetic temperament that acknowledges American exceptionalism cause you to sweat, tremble or get dizzy? Does the world owe you because the election of someone you disagree with so vehemently was such an unpleasant event that it harmed your precious emotional fortitude, Princess!?

All I have to say is deal with it, and get very used to it, because the world is waking up, conservatism is on the rise and as always, since 1776… LIBERTY PREVAILS!

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