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A Soft Civil War

A Soft Civil War?

By Joe “Clownbear” Neumann

USA Today, and the Washington Post recently published articles about being in a new soft civil war, happening today against ideas, both left and right. Congratulations to the both of you, for being 25 plus years late to the party. We, pro liberty minded people, have been in this soft civil war for the past few administrations. Democrats, the left and main stream media have been using the same tactics and demeanor, and there is no end in sight.

During the Clinton Administration we saw many attacks on our liberties, such as Ruby Ridge, Waco, the Assault Weapons Ban of 1994, and many Executive Orders like EO 12919 which in short allows the President’s Cabinets to control all aspects of the economy during a state of emergency. The left (at this time the government as a whole because they were the ones in power) tried to dehumanize and quickly denounce you if you believe in freedom. Politicians like Senator Diane Feinstein and Representative (at that time) Chuck Schumer made you feel inferior and immoral if you questioned anything Democrats did in office. Remember these individuals are Globalist and want to make sure freedom is a thing of the past.

The blatant bias by media outlets also showed its ugly face during the entirety of the Clinton administration. No matter what the Clinton’s did it was okay, but if the average citizen did the same thing it was not. Lying to the American people was the new norm. Running smear campaigns against freedom happened consitantly. To help combat the main stream media (MSM), Rush Limbaugh became one of the few alternatives to news. During this time he was known as the most dangerous man in America because he was one of the few (nationally known) individuals questioning every step of the Clinton Agenda and the media propaganda. Even Alex Jones got his start because of the questionable inconsistencies. Jones saw how the MSM and the Clinton Administration portrayed David Koresh and the rest of the Branch Dravidians as subhuman wackos instead of family. Jones did his best effort to help expose the hatred the MSM portrayed to the Branch Dravidians and other freedom loving individuals. Remember MSM wants conformity not free thinkers.

Then finally the Clinton Administration was out and the Bush Administration was in. At the start, we Patriots got a bit of a break from the relentless attacks by democrats and MSM. That is untill the terrirost attackson september 11th. The US changed as a whole. Freedoms we once had like simply going to the airport or visiting government locations were highly restricted and continue to be the norm today. In hindsight, the "PATRIOT ACT" was one the biggest blows the liberty ever. Ironically many Democrats in office opposed this legislation. Of course they would. It made it easier to find individuals that want to threaten liberty. Yet many of the same individuals that opposed it were quite fine with it a few years later Like Nancy Pelosi because she knew it restricted freedom.

Then we get into the Obama years. Which took us closer to the Globalist ways of the Clinton Administration. We saw much the same between the two time periods, like the fact that Hillary Clinton was part of Obama administration. We once again saw attacks on the 2nd Amendment. Watching democrats and MSM come out of the gates swinging with little to no facts after each and every shooting incodent. We saw administration favor criminals and per the script of the left dehumanize individuals as we saw with George Zimmerman. We saw Obama literally claim himself as a constitutional lawyer yet strip rights of the mental health individuals by eliminating their rights through an executive order circumventing the 4th amendment. We saw a US citizen killed by a drone with purpose and blatant disregard of due process. He tried to push no fly, no buy, yet blamed the NRA for this not going through and not the constitution he knew so well. We continually saw the admin lie to us like Fast and Furious and Benghazi but it was all okay because the MSM bailed out the democrat/globalist agenda again and again giving us the same rhetoric. Free thinking bad conformity good.

America was built for the sole purpose to live free. And yes our past as a country showed many dark shadows that denied freedom. Yet it all came from the same roots, the Democrat party.  

  • FDR: Japanese internment camps, democrat
  • Andrew Jackson: Trail of tears, democrat.
  • Senator Robert Byrd :KKK head recruiter, democrat.
  • Bill Clinton: saying it was okay to be part of the Klan because that was the norm, democrat.

Now I can go on and on how every entity I mentioned likes or has impeded on freedoms but history speaks for itself. This civil war will continue on until people start thinking with logic and not what CNN or MSNBC tells them to think. If there is one thing that you take away from this article that even after all these attacks to our freedoms it is that us, the Patriots, are still here giving proof that liberty will prevail.

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