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420 is a Holiday with a Higher Purpose

Nathan Cox of Virginia Cop Block is raising money for his legal fund on 4/20.

Remember Nate? We got to do an awesome interview with him about his successful struggle to protect our first amendment rights. You can see that below. Even though he fought and won against some pretty insane charges, Nate still has a major debt to pay off from the legal battle - and we're here to help.


Nate is out there, fighting for our liberty, spreading the word about his fight with the overreach of the law. It's only fair that we pitch in! He's asking each person for 20 bucks today. If you're a stoner and can spare a few nugs worth of liberty, help a brother out. If you don't smoke weed, you weren't gonna do much with that twenty anyways - send it to our boy.

Hell, if you can spare a buck, I'm sure he'd appreciate it. I know all of us at MLL have donated - let's see what we can do today.

Nathan Cox's 4/20 Liberty Fundraiser

You can visit Nate's GoFundMe page or his website,, to donate and for more information about his fight for free speech. Go liberty lovers!!

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