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Recent Content

PSA - 2018 Women's March in Houston, TX

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A Public Service Announcement concerning our observations of the 2018 Houston Women's March. Please watch and contribute.

Live Fire Training with Lone Star III% Militia

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Producer Seth and Liberty Logan took a field trip to take part in a live fire training exercise. Generously hosted by the loving, family-like Lone Star III% militia, this training proved to be more than target practice and showing off who's got the bigger guns.

Equality March Gone Bad, Brian Ross "Real Fake News", FBI Cover Up, and US Leaves UN Compact on Migration

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Recap of Louis' coverage of an equality march in Denver where he was threatened, Logan and Seth's training exercise with the Lone Star Three Percent, and Brian Ross suspended from ABC for major fake news foul play. A new document proves the FBI scrambled to cover up the Clinton-Lynch tarmac meeting. The US leaves the UN migration compact.

Islamic Invasion of Europe

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The Islamic Invasion of Europe is real, liberty lovers. Following a moving story by sexual assault victims of Muslim rape gangs in europe, MLL couldn't help but rage. What follows is a real discussion about the threat of Islam to America and how Europe has already proven that THIS MUST STOP.

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Recent Blog Posts

The 2017 Activist Film Festival - Finally a Source of Intelligent Debate with the Left

On July 15th the Major League Libertarians were invited to cover the first annual Colorado International Activism Film Festival held at the Bug Theater in Denver, Colorado. I will admit that at first, myself and Producer Seth had our apprehensions as to what we would find when we arrived. Would this be a bunch of half witted anti-Trump films? Were we going to be subject to more of the same type of political “conversations” that have been so counter-productive at the various rallies we’ve covered in Denver? Despite these reservations, we went with an open mind and were happy to find the contrary.

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Why Should You Believe "Taxation is Theft" to Consider Yourself a Libertarian?

One of our friends and followers, as well as a left-leaning libertarian, wrote a great article on why it isn't neccessary or logical to believe that "Taxation is Theft" is an absolute. While this article doesn't accurately represent our own views at MLL, we think he brings up some excellent points. Overall, identity politics and purism in the liberty movement are unnecessary and unproductive.

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